Parked Cars

    Learning Objectives

    Once Parked Cars has been completed, pupils should understand how to :

    Assess the hazards of crossing near parked cars

    Adopt a safe method of crossing near them

    We have been learning about Parked cars

    I know I should only cross near parked cars when there is nowhere safer to cross.

    I know I should find a place to cross between cars that another car cannot fit in to.

    I know I should make sure that the cars I am crossing in between will not move.

    I know I cannot see the moving traffic from the pavement as the parked cars are blocking my view.

    I know I should move forward and stop next to the car on the left so that I can see the traffic and the drivers can see me.

    I know I should look right, left and right again and then cross when it is safe to do so.

    I know I should always continue to keep looking and listening as I cross.

    I know I should always practise crossing the road with adults.

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