Crossroad Junctions

    Learning Objectives

    Once Crossroad Junctions has been completed, pupils should understand how to :

    Recognise where traffic approaches at a Crossroads Junction

    Assess the hazards and know when it is unsafe to cross

    We have been learning about Crossroads Junctions

    I know what a Crossroads looks like.

    I know traffic will come from four directions.

    I know sometimes there may be a Pedestrian Crossing to help me cross.

    I know I must first check the road closest to my right hand; this may be the road behind me.

    I know I must count the roads to make sure I do not miss any.

    I know I must check all the roads, and then make one final check, before deciding whether or not to cross.

    I know that often at a Crossroads there will be too much moving traffic, cars will be coming from four directions and it will not be a good place to cross.

    I know there is no Pedestrian Crossing to help me cross.

    I know I must walk away and find a safer place to cross.

    I know I must find a place where there are only two ways to look and I can see clearly in both directions.

    I know I should look right, then left, then right again.

    I know I should cross the road when traffic has passed and it is safe to do so.

    I know I should always continue to keep looking and listening as I cross.

    I know I should always practise crossing the road with adults.

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